Meet the Scrutinize Team

Scrutinize is operated by a passionate and dedicate team working hard to improve customer experience, ship great new features, and make bookkeepers more successful than ever before.

John Rea

John is the founder of Scrutinize. He built the initial tools that would become Scrutinize while operating his own bookkeeping firm, Pacha Financial Services. John is laser focused on making Scrutinize an ultra-effective tool for bookkeepers. When he’s not spending his time on Scrutinize, John's out running around in the woods of Austin with his wife and dog. Related, he spends all his time on Scrutinize.

Jack Van Norman

Jack is one of Scrutinize’s founding engineers. He formerly taught piano, but decided a coding keyboard suited him better than a MIDI one. Jack lives in Austin, TX, and is still involved in the music scene in his free time.

John French

“French” has led Scrutinize’s system architecture and framework throughout its lifecycle. A passionate developer, French can often be found booting up new side projects to help his community in Austin, TX. Today, French serves primarily as an advisor for Scrutinize, helping to ensure top-quality software deliveries and architecture. Also, he speaks some pig latin, but no French.

Tyson Ferguson

Tyson is responsible for keeping the final Scrutinize app beautiful and user friendly. He’s a product designer, and a good one too. You can tell by how great the Scrutinize platform is – try it out! Tyson’s Slack profile picture is his adorable dog Zoe, so the team sends him more messages than they need to just to see the pic.

Andrew Baldwin

Andrew is the team's latest addition. Despite only working part-time, Andrew has rapidly become one of the engineering team's secret weapons. Andrew blazes through code at the speed of keyboard switches and JavaScript run times. When the team has a big challenge, we hand it off to Andrew.