About Scrutinize

Technology has fundamentally changed how people and businesses interact. So why are the financial operations of so many businesses still based on manual, error-prone workflows and lengthy periodic cycles?

Scrutinize was founded in 2020 in ATX  by a team of finance experts, techno-optimists, and engineers who share a common vision - a world where all businesses are empowered with instant, accurate financial data.

Simply put, we deliver solutions that empower our customers with data that helps them make the best strategic decisions about how to grow their business.

Values we live by.

These are more than just words to us. These values are the core of our internal decision-making frameworks.


Do what is right - even when no one is looking. Especially when no one is looking.


Make a consistent choice to believe we can improve the world through our actions.


Success is found by orienting ourselves around a deep desire to help others live better lives.