Scrutinize Process Automation

Automate your financial operations.

Getting the data you need from your accounting systems doesn't have to be a nightmare. Our team of accounting tech experts implement the right mix of software automation and human oversight to protect your assets and produce timely, accurate financials every time.

Time is money. Where are you spending yours?

Every click you save your team increases the profit hitting your bottom line.

Reduced Overhead Costs

Unlock your team to invest more time on high-value activities by automating away the repetitive mouse clicking tasks they're buried under.

Increased Accuracy

Humans are great at tons of things, but start making mistakes when we get tired. Automations work 24/7/365 and never get tired.

Outsourced Expertise

Your team could automate processes on their own, but it makes more sense to let our team handle what we're best at so your team can do the same.

We work with you to find
the right answers.

Unique business challenges require unique solutions. No need to put a square peg in a round hole.


Every engagement begins with a short call to discover your needs and then we send a proposal for your review.


Next, we hold a working session with your team to discuss the finer details of timelines and deliverables.


This is where the work gets done. Our team goes heads down to implement your custom solution.


Once everything is fine-tuned, we continue to manage the solution and any additional services going forward.

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