Frictionless financial operations.

You need timely, accurate financial data to run your business. Our combination of software and human-powered solutions deliver just that.

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Your financial operations
are supposed to work for you.

If your financial systems and processes don't deliver what you need to run your business, we can help.

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Tech forward, HUMAN CeNTERED

Automate away your
clunky processes.

Getting the data you need from your accounting systems doesn't have to be a nightmare. Our team of accounting tech experts implement the right mix of software automation and human oversight to protect your assets and produce timely, accurate financials every time.


Get cleaner financials and clearer answers.

Meticulous bookkeeping is the first step in the virtuous cycle of accounting. Every stakeholder that relies on your company's financials - investors, government agencies, and management - all expect your books to be error-free and easy to understand.


Discover the narrative
in your numbers.

Behind the raw data in your company's spreadsheets and financial statements is the story of exactly how your business works. Together, we'll set up the systems that deliver the insights you need to take your business to the next level.


Client Testimonials

Complexity made simple

“One of the most complex parts of our business model is paying sub-contractors. Scrutinize developed an automated process that integrates our proprietary software with our payment processing software. This process now takes minutes instead of days.”

Sarah Luttman, Director of Finance

Transformed operations

"I can't emphasize enough how Scrutinize has transformed our operations. Since integrating Scrutinize, we've seen a remarkable increase in efficiency without compromising on quality. If you're still on the fence, take the leap. Scrutinize is the future of financial management!"

Ryan McGuire, Owner

Bridged Financial Solutions
Ready to use reporting

"It has really helped us when analyzing where things are going wrong. It is such a time saver by giving us ready to use reports. Easy to use, easy to understand!"

Geeta Hegde, Asst. Controller

Propeller Industries

We work with you to find
the right answers.

Unique business challenges require unique solutions. No need to put a square peg in a round hole.


Every engagement begins with a short call to discover your needs and then we send a proposal for your review.


Next, we hold a working session with your team to discuss the finer details of timelines and deliverables.


This is where the work gets done. Our team goes heads down to implement your custom solution.


Once everything is fine-tuned, we continue to manage the solution and any additional services going forward.

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