Transaction Flags

Below are the types of transaction flags that Scrutinize identifies and why each are important.

Accounts Receivable Credits
Checks to Vendors with Bills
Customer Names in Expenses
Deposits from Customers with Invoices
Duplicate Checks
Duplicate Invoices
Expenses with No Payee
Inconsistent Vendor Coding
Missing Invoices
Unapplied Payments
Uncategorized Assets
Uncategorized Income
Unreconciled Credit Card Transactions
Vendor Names in Income
Checks to Cash or No Payee
Credits to Expense
Coded to Parent Account
Debits to Income
Duplicate Bills
Duplicate Expenses
Expenses to Vendors with Bills
Inconsistent Customer Coding
Missing Checks
Non-numeric Checks
Undeposited Funds
Uncategorized Expenses
Unreconciled Bank Transactions
Updated System Admin Transactions 
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