The beginning of Scrutinize Phase II

The beginning of Scrutinize Phase II

Imagine a world where all businesses are empowered with timely, accurate financial data. That’s been the vision of Scrutinize since day one, and remains our north star.

We started tackling accuracy by developing a best-in-class bookkeeping quality assurance tool that's used by teams across the globe to easily diagnose and remedy issues in their books. Along the way, we’ve had the opportunity to partner with some of the best firms and SMBs to refine and deliver this product to the market.

But there is still another critical element to our vision - timeliness of data. The velocity of business activity increases daily, and making decisions based on stale data is like driving your car by looking in the rear-view mirror. Teams need access to up to date financial data as soon as possible to orient themselves and make better strategic decisions for their businesses.

The challenge is that a large percentage of financial operations processes are still designed for the constraints of last century.

Today, we are incredibly excited to announce the next evolution of Scrutinize - one that improves our ability to deliver a complete suite of financial operations solutions to existing and new customers.

Here is a bit more info on updates we are making:


  • Process Automation - Getting the data you need from your accounting systems to run other financial operations processes doesn't have to be a nightmare. Our team of accounting tech experts will implement the right mix of custom automations and human oversight to get the job done right.
  • Bookkeeping Support - Meticulous bookkeeping is the first step in the virtuous cycle of accounting. Every stakeholder that relies on your company's financials - investors, government agencies, and management - all expect your books to be error-free and easy to understand. Our team can fill the gaps that aren’t automated or covered by your existing capacity.
  • Financial Analytics - Behind the raw data in your company's spreadsheets and financial statements is the story of exactly how your business works. Together, we'll set up the systems that deliver the insights you need to take your business to the next level.


We’ve found our best customers relationships usually have three key elements: a deep desire to use data to inform strategic decisions, a need to report data externally to stakeholders, and an existing constraint created by a proprietary process or internal system.

More generally, we work really well with:

  • SaaS Operators - automate your financial operations and get the data you need to scale your business..
  • Accounting Firms - access the right mix of technology and capacity solutions to support your firm’s growth.
  • Franchise Systems - comprehensive financial operations solutions that give franchisees the support they need to thrive.


As part of this expansion, we are rebranding our quality assurance platform as Assess. Everything you love about it will still be there, and we will continue to develop features that make it even more robust and customizable to your review needs.

As with any change, there are bound to be questions we’ve not answered in this post. If you have questions or comments you’d like to share with us, let us know!