How Scrutinize Improves Profitability

Scrutinize impacts profitability in three main ways - helping minimize rework, improving scoping processes, and freeing up time to strengthen client relationships.

1. Prevent issues that cause costly rework

Our team workspace is designed to be collaborative so you can access all your Scrutinize reports in one place. These reports and the Anomaly Resolution queue gives you everything you need to identify the root cause of issues and prevent them before they happen. Preventing issues before they happen is the key to eliminating costly rework.

2. Improve your scoping and pricing

Scrutinize’s report Insights include critical information you need to accurately scope fixed-fee bookkeeping engagements. We’ve put together a detailed walkthrough of the Scrutinize scoping process that you can see here. With more accurate scoping, you can be sure you’re maximizing your profit on each client engagement.

3. Spend more time strengthening client relationships

Scrutinize’s Anomaly Resolution queue and report Insights accelerate your bookkeeper’s month-end financial reviews and perform bookkeeping quality control faster than ever before. With your extra time, you can spend more time fostering client relationships and generating more revenue.
If you want to learn more about quality management with Scrutinize, visit the link below.
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